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The current trend in the industry, do not think many people do not know the name jeremy scott, jeremy this era is called devil’s design, his design philosophy is not celebrated not survive, his design work absurd and full of delight and provocative attitude, even so popular aesthetic anachronistic, but it does not affect his popularity, like his work people have Paris Hilton, Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan, Bj? rk, Robyn and the like. Jeremy scott Adidas joint series, once launched, by the influx of people’s favorite, from the wings shoes to animal series, all again and again drew attention, like his work domestic stars are Eason Chan, Luo, angelababy, Edison and so on. Adidas 2014 new spring and summer in there js series, Jeremy Scott Adidas classic clover jointly announced a new quarter adidas Originals exquisite style portfolio. Ten years ago the first series jeremy cooperation with adidas Originals very popular so far, and now after a lapse of ten years, jeremy we continue to set off a tidal wave of people, the flagship of the new season is still a colorful bright colors, different from the past is to vigorously use British elements, the UK into the design of this series, very British Lunfan. In addition to the British element, it is still an absolute element Jeremy Scott used: dollar sign, leopard and floral patterns and other injection Nouveau style, there are very jeremy style hit color design to inspire a new wave of sports fashion show. Want to feel the influx of people demeanor it? Want to have a jeremy scott works? Then log in now official website flagship store to buy clover, abandoned Peas shoes, business shoes abandoned, discarded sandals, so wear shoes unique js money, so the influx of people into the ranks, can not tide.

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For outdoor enthusiasts of outdoor equipment they need new, more not too many. Many sports brands are doing all it can to provide consumers demand. Outdoors, equipped with sound and functional improvements are those with outdoor security is also relevant. This article we look at welfare Adi provide for outdoor enthusiasts, launched in April of outdoor multifunction water shoes –climacool BOAT BREEZE! This is a lightweight multi-purpose drying concept of outdoor water shoes, the use of ads drainage system can be quickly put in water from the upper and bottom discharge, providing superior drying performance and the drainage system can maximize the drainage capacity of the body of the shoe. To fast-drying course breathability is also very important, Adi unique science and technology climacool, ventilation design using open-cell, the use of breathable mesh material, you can quickly take foot sweat to minimize the heat generated in the leg movement, for the foot to create a cool environment of 360 °. For outdoor enthusiasts, the grip is very important that this section of shoes in this regard is very thoughtful consideration, the excellent grip from Adidas shoes use unique Traxion outsole, staggered aspect odd nail enhancements sole friction – lateral longitudinal straight points Butch nail easy to run, easy to nail for longitudinal movement Butch steering and slope movement. With this performance, the sole not only in a dry environment with excellent grip on wet ground without attenuation of its performance, so that the wearer can easily deal with complex terrain environment. Performance Comfort pair of shoes directly on the long experience of the consumer experience. Like Adidas such international brands, of course, the Adidas also have a lot of new people ecstatic, and this summer, in addition to sports like friends, if you want to create a sporty, Famous, retro, it may also wish to Niuba Lun official flagship store to choose Oh!

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